Chelsea Damon

I'm a passionate online communicator and owner of 2 successful blogs- this one (New Kid on The Blog) and Living the Sweet Wife.

I've studied social media strategy, content strategy, and community building.

What am I good at?

Content. Connecting with the reader. Empathizing. Becoming an instant friend. Helping people feel safe. I write quality content. I do research. I cover my bases. I address concerns and common questions. I am good at consolidating thoughts into a meaningful, direct sentence or two.


Who do I want to help?

Small businesses who know their stuff, but are struggling to connect to a larger audience.

How do I want to help?

I'm creating a series of mini e-courses that blogger and entrepreneurs can complete within a day or two. They can be purchased individually as-needed, or bundled. Courses will cover creating content around your business, creating a community around your business, building engagement, visual and voice branding, and content and copy.

What else do I offer?

Coming Spring 2017, I will offer freelance copywriting and consultation services.

A little about me

Who I am

I’m Chelsea Damon. I am a passionate content creator who loves nothing more than to hear a reader say, “I felt like you were writing directly to me!” I love connecting- with anyone! I make it my goal to make anyone who reads the words I write to feel like a trusted friend they’ve known for years. I’m an INFP (according to Meyers Briggs) so you know I love authenticity and connection through writing- I like to leave the public speaking to my friends who don’t overthink like I do.

I help solopreneurs and small businesses reach a greater audience by connecting through content. I can teach, guide, or create content that will help a small business like yours feel like a trustworthy, friendly place to your ideal customer.

I’m passionate about quality and sincerity and clarity. That’s why I love small businesses! I want to guide business owners into creating an atmosphere that tells their ideal customer that they’re in exactly the right place.

Your copy and content should sound how you want a reader to feel when they step in your business (or open your website in a new tab). I want to connect you to your customer or client; because if they feel a personal connection to your brand, they will trust you with their future needs as well and- hey- maybe even recommend you to a friend.

My “Why”

I help business owners with copy and content creation because I love it! Even being a blogger, a huge portion of blogging is spent… not blogging. I understand how you wish your ideas would just put themselves on paper- or screen. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember and out of all my fads and interests that have faded over time, my love for writing has been consistent through it all. I love making connections. If we work together you’ll be able to tell that my written word is much more fluent than when I attempt to speak with my mouth. I blame it on being an INFP. That is unless I’ve just had a cup of coffee; but still, it’s a short window. I genuinely love seeing a business make a connection with their audience through their content and copy!

I value...

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fluidity
  • Authentic connections
  • Being relatable
  • Making people feel like they have a friend
  • Hard work
  • And a good attitude

If you wanna get personal...

I love reading real books, although being a working mama often forces me to my Audible app more often than I’m able to open a real book. Coffee is my greatest non-human love. I am currently the only girl in my household- up against my boy-husband, my boy-2-year-old, my boy-dog, and boy-cat. That is up until my little partner-ess in crime joins us this March 2017!! I love the feeling of having just exercised. No, not the sweaty one; the sore feeling that’s proof that you just worked hard at something that’s good for you. I have a second website (well, technically this is my second website because I started it, well, second) that is all about faith, marriage, and #momlife. I was born and raised in northern New Jersey and married a dapper guy from the Pacific northwest. Together we make cute babies and have lots of laughs.

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