Why Establishing a Strong Brand Identity is One of the Best Things You can Do for Your Website

I hated high school.

Honestly, I just saw no point to it. I woke up early every morning. Went to classes, half of which I believed I would never use. And I found myself struggling to get good grades, living for when the last bell of the day would ring, and waiting for when I could get to be just old enough to live my life and make my own choices.

Except, several years went by and I still wasn’t making my own choices.

Funny how that works. I found myself at a job I dreaded going to in the morning, leaving my child with a babysitter for a huge portion of the day, and feeling as if I had no time to even have a personality.

That is, until I quit.

I’ve always been the type of person who desperately needs a creative outlet. I’ve also never really liked being stuck in a bad situation when, if I just tried hard enough, I could make a better one work.

So that’s when I started blogging.

It really did just start out as a creative outlet, or probably more like an online journal. Until I started reading around. I found out that people- real people- actually made money blogging. And those people weren’t just keeping an online journal- they were writing to help others!

I got inspired. And motivated.

I realized, “Hey, these people had to start from somewhere, and if they made it this far starting from scratch, then I can too!”

And that’s when it all changed.

I became passionate about blogging. I researched, signed up for courses, watched webinars, and researched some more. I tried some things, and if they failed, I tried other things until I found what worked best. I began to fall in love with blogging- and learning to blog- because (unlike how I felt in high school) I could see my hard work pay off in real-time.

So that’s why I created the course, Branding Bombshell.

I made a lot of mistakes when I was learning how to blog.

I think I changed my logo and WordPress theme about 10 times in my first few months of blogging. I spent days experimenting with fonts, layouts, color schemes, etc. just trying to figure out what I wanted my brand to represent (honestly, I wasn’t even thinking about branding at the time).

But from those mistakes, I’ve become a PRO in guiding others- letting them know what to avoid and what to do when establishing a brand and presence online.

I created Branding Bombshell to give you a shortcut to doing what you’d actually like to do: focus on creating helpful and valuable content that your audience won’t look over, but actually give their attention to, click on, and share because it’s just so darn useful!

But why invest in learning about branding, anyway?

Since starting my own blog, I’ve learned that SO MUCH about success in the blogging world depends on psychology.

It depends on that very first impression your blog makes to a reader. Their impression of you and your brand will either overwhelm them or excite them. Confuse them, or inspire them. Make them leave your website still searching for an answer to a problem, or make them share your content with their friends because it was just that useful. First impressions matter, guys. A lot.

If I happen upon a website that looks put together, organized, and- well- attractive, I’m going to be much more willing to listen to what that website has to say. If a website is dark-looking, cluttered, and seems a bit random, I’m going to assume that the owner really has no business teaching me anything since they can’t even put together a presentable website layout.

That’s the hard, honest, truth guys. We make our judgments about people’s website’s first on appearance, and then about content.

Branding Bombshell can take you from wondering if your website looks good to being confident enough to finally stop tweaking your design and just focus on content already!

I want to show you a little preview of a few of the topics you can expect in the course:

Aaand of couple of the extra resources you’ll get too:

That is, a mood board template, website naming cheat-sheet, a color palette template, and more secret surprises waiting for you in the course!

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Of course, if you have questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to simply contact me and ask! I LOVE talking to you all and want you to know that I’m here every step of the way!

I want you to know that I am so excited about this course! If you’re willing to put in the work, evaluate yourself and your website, then having a successful brand isn’t something that might happen, it’s something that will happen!


Just for being awesome, I wanted to give you a little something I made…

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