3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog. ASAP.

Hey, busy business owner. If you've spent any amount of time online studying business, you've probably heard at least ten times that your business needs a blog. But I'm not here to tell you what you already know. What I'm here to do is convince you to start a blog RIGHT NOW. Don't think it should be pushed to the top of your priority list? I disagree.

Here's why:

1 | Blogs build your credibility

Have you ever searched Google (or Pinterest) for the answer to a question that was burning in your mind? Or maybe something that would help you with your business? There’s a pretty good chance that you found the answer to your question on a blog. Have you ever, then, returned to that blog because it provided you with useful/helpful information in the past?

Hmm. That sounds pretty good as a business owner, doesn’t it? Putting out a bit of information, being helpful, and then having readers find you helpful and returning to your website. One of the best ways for a new customer to trust your paid stuff it to get them to really like your free stuff. If you, as a business owner, can prop yourself up as an expert and become a resource for the consumers in your field, they are not only going to love and respect you and your business- they’ll truly believe that your paid products or information is worth it!

Customers and clients care about credibility.

Have you ever bought anything off Amazon? I bet you took the extra time to read the reviews first. That’s because you probably had 30 different options of vendors sitting in front of you selling the same or similar products. But YOU want to go with the vendor who has the most credibility. The one who has the highest reviews.

If you, as a business owner, can generate content on your website that potential customers find helpful (or even look to as a resource) you are building up your credibility with each person you are able to help in some way with your blog content. Not only that- imagine if your target audience starts leaving comments like, “Hey, thanks so much for writing this! It really helped me with my problem!” You just got yourself a five-star review. Get some more of those and now newcomers know you’re good at what you do.

2 | It drives relevant traffic to your website

Sometimes your potential customer or client is not going to know that they want your product or service- yet. But they do know they have a problem they want fixed.

For example...

I might be searching the internet for tips on how to take a really good headshot of myself (because my husband stinks at photography and my arms are too short). I find your blog post on Google (but more likely Pinterest because I’m a female 20-something) and I start reading your post on how to take better self-portraits. I start clicking around to see what other photography tips you can give me. Then I notice that you, in fact, are a portrait photographer and while I might be able to pull off your advice myself, I already know that the photos you take look pretty awesome. From there I look at the packages you offer and see one that could be pretty perfect for what I’m looking for. By now, you’ve surely lured me into your opt-in freebie so even if I don’t purchase a session from you today, I know you’ll be reminding me of what you can do in my inbox later.

You see, the internet is crawling with people who are typing in “How to [dot dot dot]” into some kind of a search bar. Why not attract a few of those needy people to your website and help them out for free a little bit? After all, a little kindness goes a long way and- like I said- the better content you put out, the more credibility you'll have.

3 | You’ll rank higher in Google searches

Yup. Having a blog, however time-consuming it might be, will help you to rank higher in Google. Know why? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: CREDIBILITY.

Picture this:

You write an amazing blog post. You’ve done your research and packed your post to the brim with helpful information, more than you’ve found in a blog post on a similar topic. You start sharing this post and people start finding it helpful (of course). Then other writers and bloggers find your post and they find it helpful! Now they “backlink” to your post in their blog post about the same or similar topic. Google thinks, “Hmm, other people are referring to this person’s post a lot. It must have some pretty good stuff in it. Let’s put it up a little higher to make it easier for people to find.”

To break it down, the thought goes something like this:

Great post = more backlinks (or referrals). More backlinks = Google
likey. Google makes sure more people can find your post.

Sherise, who wrote a post on Kissmetrics, says this:

If you’re consistently publishing good content, steadily acquiring backlinks, and adding rich media including images and video, you’re taking all the right steps to maintain a solid ranking.

Would you look at that- I just backlinked them.

Let’s sum up, shall we?

If you have a business, no matter how large or small, creating free, helpful content is always a good thing to do. It will make you likable and more credible because your content is helpful and a great resource for people. You’ll drive a larger audience to your website- never a bad thing. AND the more helpful your posts are, the more likely you are to rank higher on Google! That sounds like a win win win.

I got one last thing to throw at ya.

If all this sounds great but completely overwhelming at the same time because, you know, you’re too busy running a business to sit down and start blogging- you’re in luck! I happen to pimp out my blogging skills to business owners like you who need the extra help. If you like a friendly voice, well-researched topics, and posts with a style kind of like this one, schedule a call with me to talk about how I can take blogging off your hands for a while!

Already have a blog for your business? What made you start it and what helps you keep at it?

Thinking of starting a blog? What’s the biggest thing holding you back?

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