3 Types of Blog Posts You Should Be Writing For Your Business

Hey, Biz Lady or Biz Man. If you’re here you’re probably looking for new topics to write about for your business’s blog. Well let me tell you, I am a MASTER at coming up with blog content. I love it. It’s my favorite. I’m also extremely good at coming up with questions to the game “Would you rather?” There’s probably a connection there.


You need new and fresh content for your blog. Content that’s going to interest your ideal customer, establish credibility (trust), and make them fall in love with your products.

Easy. Peasy.

All you have to do is get them to like you!

“How do you do that?” you might ask? It’s quite simple, really. Just be friendly, and then be helpful. That’s all. Sure, your products are probably awesome, but you’re not the only one out there with an awesome product. If you do a Google search of products like yours, how many other companies pop up on a list above and below yours?

What you need to do is stand out.

And you make yourself stand out by doing exactly what I mentioned above: by being friendly and being helpful.

Ok. Got it.

So how do you do that?

Well, there are 3 types of blog posts that can really help to convince your readers and ideal customers that you’re the kind of business they want to give their money to: 

  1. Behind the scenes

  2. Stories and testimonials

  3. Helpful/Tutorial/How-tos

Let’s break it down:

(hint: stick around til the end to download by Business Blog Post Idea Cheatsheet!)

1 | Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes blog posts are going to give your customer a sense of who you are as a business, business owner, and the workplace environment of your business. I don’t know about you, but I like buying from people who like (better yet, love) their job. I also like working with companies who have a sense of purpose and core set of values in their workplace. Your behind the scenes blog posts can put those things on display to really show off your employees who love their jobs, why you’re a great company to work with, and what makes you different from other companies at the core!

2 | Stories and testimonials

Have a few happy customers under your belt? See if you can get them to write a testimonial for you! Their testimonial doesn’t have to be the length of a blog post, but you can insert their happy testimony in a post about what it was like to work for them or sell them your product! Adding in a few quotes from a happy customer will be like having a 5-star review on Amazon! If I can see how you’re making others happy with your product or service, I’ll hop in line to be the next happy customer. “Me next, please!”

3 | Helpful/Tutorial/How-tos

Ah, my favorite. You know why these types of blog posts are SO GOOD for your business? They’re great because of a little something called, “inbound marketing.” This means that the people who are coming to your website because of that blog post are there because they’re looking for help and/or answers. And you’re providing that answer! Not only that, you can help them with whatever problem they have with your product or service! If you’re helpful once (through your blog post) you’re likely to be helpful again (with your paid products!). Better yet, these posts are more likely to be “evergreen” which basically means they never go out of style. You can share them all year long and they never lose relevance!

So there you have it. Give yourself a little likability, credibility, and bigger online presence by writing about anything under the topics above. If you’re still having trouble coming up with blog post ideas within those topics, just click below to download my awesome Business Blost Post Idea Cheatsheet!

Feel free to copy my ideas exactly or put your own twist on them to make them your own!

Still want some extra help?

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Anyway, what are some blog post ideas you’ve had that have had great conversions? Got some blog post ideas to share with the rest of us? Leave them in the comments below!