How To Always Come Up With New Blog Post Ideas and Topics

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Are you struggling with coming up with new blog post topics? A while ago I was talking to my mom about the whole blogging thing. She’s actually guest posted on my blog Living the Sweet Wife in the past. When I asked her if she’d ever like to guest post again, she told me she’d try to think of a topic to write about and then went on to say, “I don’t know how you come up with new blog posts all the time. I could never think of that many things to write about!” And let me tell you something. I don’t just write fluff either. On either of my blogs, I write content that is intended to help in some form or another and I put a lot of effort into being as helpful as possible.

The funny thing is, she’s not the first person to say something like that to me and she probably won’t be the last.

So how do I come up with new blog posts on a regular basis not just for one, but two different blogs?

The answer is simple.

Treat your blog post like a conversation

You don’t see your friend once, have a conversation, and then run out of things to talk about. Also, I'm guessing your blog or business has to do with something that you’re actually interested in. Like really interested in. How many different conversations could you have on that one thing that you’re really interested in? Probably a lot.

Besides this, and I hinted at it earlier, blog posts need to be helpful. Basically, they're like the answer to a question that a friend has. When I write my blog posts, I picture myself writing to a friend who has a very specific question. Now, I may or may not be an expert on what their question is about, but I can sure give the best answer I could possibly give and even do a little research on their behalf, giving them the best information possible.

Since I write blog posts as if I’m answering questions, I search for the questions my audience has. I do this using the search feature in Facebook groups, actually asking my audience what they’d like to learn more of, and easy google searches

“No question is stupid”

Ever have a teacher say this and then follow up with “You never know if someone in the class has the same questions!” Well, that applies to blogging as well. Did you ever have a question or problem that you eventually figured out or solved yourself? Awesome! Use that for a blog post! (Obviously, you’ll want to make sure the topic is relevant to your niche).

Become a teacher

So many bloggers have told me that they don’t think they can write a blog because they don't know enough or because they aren’t an expert. And I’m over here like, “....”

I’m not an expert. But. There are a few areas where I know more than the average person. Or I’m just a few steps further along in my journey than the next guy and they could really use someone who’s been where they are, know the ropes, and can tell them what to watch out for or give them any relevant, useful information.

Here’s an example:

I write a marriage blog. This summer was our 4th anniversary. Got that? We’ve been married 4 years and I write a blog telling other people how to have a happier, better marriage relationship. What gives? Basically just the fact that both Josh and I (usually) have a great ability to remove ourselves from situations (of conflict, frustration, bad habits, etc) and see what would make the situation better. That, and we also understand that Jesus makes all things new. This gives us a great ability to see the big picture and learn from our mistakes (because we do, like anyone, make mistakes). That why I, only being married for 4 years, can give others who are walking down a path similar to mine, advice that really makes sense and is helpful!

When you are inspired, capture the moment

Being totally honest with you right now, when I sat down at my desk to write 20 minutes ago, I thiught I was going to be writing for Living the Sweet Wife, except when I opened my comouter, this idea for a blog post popped into my head. As I thought about it, I kept thinking of more points I could add. Before I knew it, I just started writing and here we are now. Do I write all my blog posts this way? Heck no. This is a rare moment when something just came to me. In most other moments, I’m cooking dinner or working out or plaing with my kids when a new blog post idea radomly makes an entrance into my mind. In that moment, I pull out my phone and make a note of it on Google Keep (which I love because it syncs with my computer). I write down all my ideas whenever they pop into my head. then , when I actually have a moment to write (those things almost never happen at the same time like they did today) I open my list and pick which post I want to write about and what’s the most relevant and helpful to my audience right now.

Look at the titles of other blog posts

Why is this not stealing? Because the title of the post is just the idea, the topic. Oftentimes, if I see a title that I find inspiring, I don’t even try to copy what I think that blog post is about, but it does inspire me to write something else or something similar. Either way, the blog post is still 100% my own ideas and my own writing. I want to make sure that I help my audience my way. But by looking through online search engines like Google or Pinterest, I can see how other bloggers have answered questions and I can do my best to come up with my own answer to those questions!

Tag along with Google Trends

Don’t know what Google Trends is? Basically, it shows a visual measure of the number of times a word or phrase is searched over time or in a specific region. Play around searching for words or phrases within your industry or look through the Top Charts or Explore tabs to see what searches have been trending in your niche recently. If you find something inspiring, write a post on that topic using relevant keywords in your title and headings to show up better in searches and you’re set!

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