One tip that changed the way I write sales pages

So you own a blog or business. You probably want to sell products or services so you advertise them to people who you hope will buy. That’s kinda how this whole business thing works, anyway, right?

I’ve done something along those lines before. Long before I created any of my own products and services to sell, I worked in retail. No, not on the business side of it, but as a sales associate that stood behind a counter and rang up overpriced jeans. I was horrible at it. Not the ringing up jeans part, but the actual selling part. See, where I worked, we were all strongly encouraged to get people to sign up for that particular department store’s credit card.

Growing up in the frugal family that I did, my parents always told us to never get a credit card and just pay for everything in cash. Which was the philosophy I lived by until I was married with kids and realized that a credit score was a thing. So when I was working at this department store, there’s no way I thought that the people buying overpriced jeans needed another credit card. So I didn’t try to sell them. Then when I was kindly reminded by my supervisor that I wasn’t hitting my sign-up quota. Fiiiine. So I started trying. Badly.

I would be scanning a customer’s jeans and then awkwardly mumble something along the lines of, “Doyouwanttosignupforourcreditcardandsave15%offyourpurchasetoday?” 98% of people I asked said no. I knew I wasn’t hitting any quotas anytime soon. I only worked there for a summer and I’m pretty sure my supervisors didn’t miss me when I left.

I realized later that the reason I was completely horrible at getting credit card sign-ups wasn’t because I didn’t want to hit my quota (trust me, the last thing I wanted was to see my supervisor walking in my direction with a clipboard in hand). Getting people to sign up was difficult for me because I didn’t truly believe they needed it! In all honesty, I thought it was an irresponsible waste. So how could I get people on board with something that I wasn’t even on board with?

Fast forward several years and now I’m trying to sell my own products.

I’m sitting at my computer wracking my brain for the words to put on my sales page. I end up deleting everything I write as soon as I read it back to myself. I thought writing a sales page would be easy. I mean, I hate being cold-hard sold to as much as the next person- it should be easy for me to come up with words better than, “But wait! There’s more!”

But it wasn’t easy at all.

Being the introspective person that I am, I thought long and hard about why it was so hard for me to write my sales page. I mean, I’ve written tons of blog posts and emails, writing and connecting with people has always come naturally to me.

That’s it!

I wasn’t seeing this sales page in the same way as writing emails or blog posts. See in those, I was doing everything I could to connect. But here, writing my sales page, I was trying to get people to spend money. On something that I created. And a part of me was holding back because I didn’t believe that I deserved to be bought from. I didn’t think that I or my products were worth having people spend money on them.

Then I decided to get a mindset change.

Afterall, I did create these products to help people, not just make a buck. It is information I wish I had known a while ago. People have told me that I’ve helped them out a lot in the past. And what’s more, I truly believe that my product can help people!

So there. All I had to do was believe in my product. And myself.

When I was doubting myself and the worth of my product, my sales page sounded like a mind-numbing infomercial that simply listed all the benefits and asked people to pretty pretty please with a cherry on top buy my product.

I wasn’t talking about my product as if it were this amazing restaurant I found just around the corner that my friends just HAD to try. I wasn’t excited about my product and how it could really help my audience. When I shifted my mindset and started believing that my product could really help people, writing the copy for my sales page became so much easier- it just started to flow! I sounded passionate, authentic, friendly, and like I knew what I was talking about. All things that you’d want from the person you’re buying from.

So there it is, my friends, JUST BELIEVE. I should get that tattooed somewhere.

Have you tried writing a sales page before? What was the hardest thing about it and what helped you overcome that?

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