How to avoid sounding "salesy" on your sales landing page

How to avoid the "ick-factor" when creating a sales landing page

Hey guys!

So recently I sent out a survey to you and other bloggers and business owners asking a whole bunch of questions about sales landing pages. One of the questions I asked was this:

“What is your biggest concern when it comes to creating a sales page?

And almost every single person who took the survey answered:

“Connecting with my audience.”

Close behind that response were the answers, “Not sounding ‘salesy’” and “How to present my product/service well.”

I know that in the past, I’ve felt a TON of insecurity when it comes to my sales landing page. I mean, I knew I had a great product that would be really useful to a lot of people. But of course I thought it was great, but how to I get my ideal customers to think it’s great too? And how do I avoid sounding like an infomercial that includes a free set of kitchen knives with every purchase?

To be honest, really connecting with your ideal customer or client isn't that hard to do, but there are some tricky grey areas and faint lines you want to avoid crossing when presenting your product. Because those tricky things can really make allll the difference!

Below are a few of the MOST IMPORTANT and MOST BASIC things to keep in mind when creating a sales landing page for your  products or services. See if you agree and let me know what you'd add in the comments below!

Avoid simply spitting the facts

Many of us think, “If I can just tell my audience everything about my product, they’ll understand why they should buy it!”

Well, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, making this mistake is where many people come off sounding “salesy.”

How does this sales pitch sound to you?

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Pretty salesy, right?

See, we’d like to think that selling a product would be easy if consumers only thought logically about the pros and cons of doing so. The fact of the matter is that most of the time, consumers (ourselves included) make purchases based on emotion and even impulse. Which brings me to my next point.

Connect to your ideal customer’s emotions.

Like I said, many consumers will never solely rely on just the fact when it comes to making a purchase, especially if they’re comparing two similar products. But they will commit themselves to the product that they can feel good about buying.

So, what makes a customer feel good about buying your product?

Knowing the person behind the product- aka you.

On your sales page it’s so important to introduce yourself as more than just an authority in your field (although that’s important too). You want to let them know that you actually care about the customer and their experience with your product. You understand why they’re looking for products like yours and that’s exactly why you created your product!

Letting them know that you understand their problem.

Like I said, you can relate to your ideal customer. They came searching for a product or service like yours for a reason and you’re here to let them know they you have exactly what they need to solve their problem or help them meet their goal in purchasing your product. You have the ability to read their mind (or so they think) and call out why they came looking for a product like yours

Seeing results

Now, if you’re launching a brand new product, you may not have many (or any) “results” to share with your readers yet. But that’s ok! You can share other positive feedback that you’ve received from your audience as proof that you know what you’re talking about and you consistently pump out quality!

If you have launched and sold a product before, get those testimonials! And testimonials don’t have to just be for e-products or services- they can be for physical products too! Find whatever you can to show to your ideal customer that you’re not messing around. You create great products or provide great services that people love!

Imagine you’re talking to a friend

You would never purposely steer your friend wrong, and you would definitely never recommend a product that your friend would waste their money on. When you recommend a product to a friend, you’re honest about it. You tell them if and why it’d be a good fit for them and their situation, if it’s worth the money, and the potential it has to be a really great buy!

That doesn’t have to be any different when you’re talking about your own product or services. You obviously believe it’s great, so talk to your readers as if you’re recommending a product to your friend! Be honest about it, tell them what would make them a good fit for the product, what it can do for them, and if it’s really worth the money.

I actually have a couple friends in mind that I like to pretend I’m talking to when I’m writing up copy for almost anything- sales pages, newsletters, blog posts- you name it! You’re audience wants to know that you’re a real person and trustable. If you can present yourself as a no-nonsense, I-actually-care-about-you friend, then you’re audience will be much more inclined to feel better about purchasing from you.

Got some of your own suggestions for avoiding the “ick-factor” when promoting your products online? Share your ideas in the comments below and share the post bloggin’ or business friend!

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