My Favorite Pinterest Group Boards I Use for Growing my Blog’s Traffic (and what I say to join them).vira

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: If you are a blogger or business owner who wanted to establish a strong online presence, Pinterest is a must! But there’s a trick to it. Simply having a few of your own boards isn’t usually enough to build a large online presence. So what can you do to fix that?

Join Pinterest Group Boards!

Let me show you a little proof of just how drastically joining group boards has changed my online business…

Take a look at this:

This is a real screenshot I took from my Pinterest Analytics that shows (pretty obviously) the time I started requesting to join and using Pinterest group boards for my blog. Before December 2015, I had mostly just pinned my content and others’ content only my own boards. Which is still great to do! But I didn’t have nearly the same reach as I could have had with group boards. The boards I joined got my content in front of- literally- millions of more people than I was capable of on my own.

What else is great about group boards?

From my own group board and others’ boards that I’m a contributor for, I’m able to find a ton of relevant content for my niche and helpful to my readers that I can schedule to my other social media channels. Creating your own group board is a great way to connect with other’s in your niche, promote each other’s content, find other inspiring and educational content, aaaaand gain a few Pinterest followers in the process!

Now, if you’re thinking that it would take a ton of work and time to pin your content to all those group boards…

Think again. That’s where automation comes in. I wrote a whole post here on how to schedule your pins ahead of time for an entire week (at least, that’s how far I like to schedule in advance). But I’ll sum it up for you: I use ViralTag to schedule not only my Pinterest pins, but all of my pre-planned social media posts. I still like to go onto my accounts and post organically to, without any links to my blog. But when I promote my own and others’ blogs, I use ViralTag to do all the work for me. Read my post (linked above) to see exactly how it works and how it makes managing group boards so easy!

How to Join Group Boards:

Below I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite group boards that fall into the niche of General – Business – blogging. If you click the link, you’ll be brought to the board where you’ll be able to see the creator’s instructions for joining. Most group boards are a little different. Some creators would like you to email them to join, others would like you to send a private message on Pinterest, and others want you to comment directly onto a pin. Read the instructions carefully and be courteous and request to join how they would like.

You’ll also notice that many group boards have rules or guidelines. Some have restrictions for how many pins you can pin to the board per day, or what types of pins can be pinned to that board. Be sure you’re requesting to join a board that has similar content to what you’ll be pinning and make sure to follow the rules! The rules aren’t to be nitpicky, but to make the board more attractive to Pinterest users who go to it in search of great content. Do yourself and the other contributors a favor and remember to play fair 

What to say:

Wondering what to say to a board creator to get them to add you? Here’s the message I’ve used to join a ton a group boards. Simply change it to fit the board you’re trying to join and you’re golden!!


My name is __________ and I own a blog that [INSERT WHAT YOU BLOG ABOUT]. I’d love to contribute to your [GROUP BOARD NAME] group board if possible. My Pinterest email is [INSERT THE EMAIL YOU USE FOR PINTEREST] and my profile can be found here [INSERT A LINK TO YOUR PINTEREST PROFILE]. Thank you in advance!

And that’s about it! Keep your message short and simple, try your best to address the creator by name, and give them the information they’ll need to actually add you to the board.

Now, here’s that list you’ve been waiting for:

•• Group Board | New Kid on The Blog ••

Why yes that is my very own group board. How nice of you to notice. If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur, just follow my Pinterest account, send me a quick message on the contact page with your Pinterest email, and I’ll add you to the group!


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