Why you actually DON’T need to delete pins on Pinterest (my little secret for boosting monthly viewers)

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of posts talking about how and why you should delete pins on Pinterest. But I’m here to tell you that there’s an easier way to rank higher on Pinterest.

See, what these writers are telling you to do by deleting low performing pins is good. Pinterest has a way of knowing if your pins are popular or not, and will rank you accordingly. Want your pins to show up to more people and not get hidden deep in the feed? Then your pins will have to have a high number of repins. Pinterest only wants its users to see what’s already popular. So, by deleting low-performing pins, you’ll be able to convince Pinterest to show your pins to a larger audience.

The thing is, that can take a lot of work and backtracking. And it’s something you’ll have to do every day or every week in order to stay on top of deleting low-performing pins. So what’s a blogger to do if they want to schedule their content in advance for Pinterest, but don’t want to have to backtrack and spend time deleting pins later?

The answer is pretty simple, actually.

Only repin your most popular pins.

Now, you might be thinking, “Ok, that’s a good idea, but how am I going to keep track of my pins that have the most repins?” I’ll tell you exactly what I did to make this so easy.

Go into your Pinterest Analytics- right there- and hit “overview.” This is the Pinterest profile for my other blog, beeteedubs. Sorry for any confusion there.

Once you’re in your analytics, click on the activity from your website (on the left.) Here, you’ll be able to see a list of your top performing pins from the last 30 days.

In a new tab, go back to your Pinterest profile and create a new secret board. I named mine “New Kid on The Blog BEST.’’ In the list back on your Analytics tab, open one pin of each of your blog posts. Try your best to make sure that this is the pin of that blog post with the very most repins. You might not be able to find all your blog posts in this list, and that’s where you’ll need to take some time to search through Pinterest and try to find your posts that have been repinned a lot. I did this by searching the name of my post or looking through my own boards at my pins and comparing which two of the same blog post had the most repins. Save the very best pin for each of your blog posts to your new secret board. And there you have it- a collection of the very best pins of all your blog posts! From now on, when you write a new blog post, pin the first ever pin of that post to your secret board and ONLY EVER repin that pin.

By doing this, your pins will never have to start from “0” again. Every new pin you pin will be racking up the repins right where it left off.

Pretty sweet, right?

Now, I’ll tell you how you can automate the process of only repinning the best pins you saved to your secret board.

I use this thing called Viraltag to schedule all of my social media. I’ve tried almost every other social media scheduler before coming to Viraltag, and, let me tell you, they are by far my favorite. If for nothing else, their ease of use. There was almost no learning curve to using Viraltag, because it actually works a lot similarly to Pinterest. Use this link to sign up for a free trial and try out what I’m about to show you…

Once you’re in Viraltag and have connected your Pinterest account, click on the little blue link that says, “Manage Board Lists.” It’ll look like this:

A the top, you can click, “Create board list” to make a quick list of the boards you regularly pin to. Boards in my list consist of my own boards and my favorite group boards. If you’re looking for some great group boards to join, read my post here that lists some of my favorites! (Pssst, one of them is mine )!

Alright, so now you have your secret board containing one pin each of all your blog posts, preferably the one pin that was already performing well before, but it’s ok if you’re starting from scratch, too. You also have your boards list ready in Viraltag. You’ll also need to have installed the Viraltag extension; it works a lot like the Pinterest extension. (For more detailed steps on how to set up and use Viraltag, see my post here).

Once you’re in your secret board, hit that Viraltag extension in the top right corner. You’ll see all your pins pulled up from that board.

I usually just go ahead and hit “Select all” and then hit “Schedule.” A window will pop up and you’ll want to click the “Options” drop-down menu next to where it says “Bulk Editor.” This is how you’ll be able to schedule all your pins to be cued for your favorite group boards at once instead of scheduling each pin to each group board individually. Once you click “Options,” you’ll see all your connected social profiles show up. Click on your Pinterest account and select the board list you created earlier.

Make sure everything looks good, then go ahead and click, “Add all to Queue.” Once you do that, all your top performing pins will be scheduled to your favorite group boards! To make changes to your queue (like the time interval between pins) simply go to your posting schedule in Viraltag (make sure the right social account is selected) and add or delete times you’d like your pins pinned.


One thing you’ll need to watch out for is making sure you’re not pinning too often to certain group boards. Some group boards get many new pins a day, so no matter how often you pin, you won’t blow up the board with only your content. Others will receive less pins per day. Make sure that your pinning schedule is just right so that your pins aren’t pinned too often to certain boards and clogging up the feed. This is where it might be smart to create a couple of different Board Lists in Viraltag- some for boards that get many pins per day, and some for boards that get fewer. That way you stay in good graces with the board creators and you don’t end up looking like a spammer; because nothing is worse than ruining your awesome content’s reputation by looking like spam by posting way too often!

So, have I convinced you to give Viraltag a try? Like I said, it is by far my favorite social media scheduling tool- and I’ve used a lot of them.

So while pinning your content and going back to delete low-performing pins can work to boost your visibility on Pinterest, there is a much simple solution that involves a lot less work, and a much higher return. If you have any questions about how this process works, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll be back to help!

Happy pinning!!

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