Why hire a writer, anyway?

  • Writing conversationally scares you
  • You have trouble getting people to take action
  • You need help ranking higher in Google searches
  • A well designed website won't sell your products by itself
  • You're too much of an expert to relate to those who aren't
  • Save yourself time so you can get back to running your business
  • You need help keeping your voice branded and consistent across all your website copy, blog posts, and social media

A few people I've worked with:

Content Creation

Website Copy

Strategic Pinterest Setup + Coaching

Strategic Pinterest Setup + Coaching

Strategic Pinterest Setup + Coaching

Social Media Copy

Content Creation

Product Descriptions


What can you hire me for?

Blog Posts


Targeted content optimized for engagement and conversions.

To be honest, writing blogs is my favorite.

We'll talk about your goals for your business and how targeted blog and social media posts can attract exactly the right person and turn them into a customer or client.

This is for the business who wants to develop a content strategy that attracts the right person and turns them into a customer or client. One can create content, OR one can use content to educate, inspire, and build a trusting relationship with the ideal audience.

Website Copy

Need an awesome "About" page written in a branded voice? Done.

Afraid of sounding like an infomercial on your sales page? Fear not. 

I have tons of practice writing in a casual, but authoritative voice that fosters trust and pushes readers to take action.

Need other ideas?

  • Landing pages
  • Product pages
  • Sidebar "about" snippets
  • Product descriptions

You want a website that sets you up for success. While you might have great photography or visual branding, do your words express who you are and connect with your audience? Do they build trust and form a relationship? 

Photos might be the attraction, but words are the relationship.


Social Media Copy

Not all social media channels are created equal. Did you know that using hashtags on Pinterest pins actually hurts your chances of being seen? And if you use more than 2 on Twitter, you start to look desperate. Or that using 30 hashtags in Instagram is totally acceptable?

I can create image captions and social media posts that attract the right kind of attention from the right people and spark interaction.

More engagement = higher conversion.

Pinterest Strategy

Can you hire me to pin pins for your company all day? Not quite. What I can do it set your Pinterest up for success by doing an account audit and strategic setup. I can help create Pinterest images for your blog posts, help get you in group boards, created boards for your business' blog, and introduce a pinning schedule. Long story short, I'll get you setup to do exactly what brings over 100,000 people to my lifestyle blog monthly.

I'll set you up for growth that looks a little something like this:


Or like this:

Yep. Those screenshots are real.

headshot boho.jpg

What makes me the best writer for you?

This is me and my BFF, Josh (aka husband for life). He and I love to travel, joke around, hit the gym, and make the cutest babies you've ever met!

^ Previously mentioned babies.


Would it be my...

Background in English? 
While a background in English will do a lot to keep you from looking silly in front of your friends (or potential customers), there's a lot more to content and copy than simply knowing words, sentence structure, and punctuation. 

Love for writing and creativity?
Writing started out as an embarrassing hobby that I kept in random notebooks and the occasional napkin. Later it merged itself onto a laptop and before I knew it, my first blog, Living the Sweet Wife was born!

Empathetic nature and transparency?
If there's anything that sets me apart in being an INFP (Meyers Briggs, anyone?) it's my need for authentic, real connections. Turns out, I'm not the only one who likes that kind of thing- your customers and clients do, too!

For a long time, I've had an exceptional ability to read people. It's not creepy, I promise! I just have a good feeling about what people like and what they don't, which gives me the ability to show off your products and services in a way that will actually attract the right people. 

Hands-on Experience? 
Remember that first blog I mentioned? Living the Sweet Wife? In just 2 years, I've been able to grow and develop it into the website and resource it's seen as today (ie. at its best, having a reach of over 375,000 unique monthly visitors and on average over 200,000, taking my Pinterest following from 300 to now to over 47,000, gaining over 6,000 email subscribers, and growing an interactive Facebook group to over 1,000 members.

After learning the ins and outs of the content creation world, I decided that I wanted to help business owners and entrepreneurs do pretty much the same thing!

Content creating skills?
When it comes down to it, I know what's going to get clicked and shared. I know how to gather insightful information to create in-depth, actionable, relatable, and HELPFUL content! Not only that, I know that your audience is not the same as the next guy's. I'll study your target audience's demographics as well as your brand's voice in order to curate the PERFECT post for your business and your audience.